Saturday May 18th, 2024


A mix of roads, paths and trails.

The Thonon Cycling Race is a round of the Label d’Or Trophy of the French Cycling Federation.

NB : Mountain bikes are allowed. E-bikes are also accepted, in hiking mode, without ranking.


Updated: 15-Apr-24, 22:49 CET 
59 km
+900 m
Full course
Overall (scratch) Men / Women
1st MTB Men / Women
+ parasport (depending on participants)
Quai de Ripaille Thonon-les-Bains - 09:00 am
Quai de Ripaille Thonon-les-Bains
GPS file
Not final
1 Pit stop
  • à 33.5 km (Lully)
Minimum age:

16 years old during the year

Gravel, CX, VTT, tandem, e-bikes.
Hard shell helmet with attached chinstrap, first aid kit, liquid refill.
unicycles, CLM, fixed sprocket, stick wheels, lenticular wheels.

The course

Coming from the United States, the discipline of gravel riding is in full expansion in Europe with practitioners seeking more of an escape and communion with nature while sticking to physically accessible routes.

Year after year, the format becomes a little more firmly rooted in the event’s programme. The route for this year’s event will be the same as for previous editions, while continuing to adapt to participants’ comments. The route will continue to be physically challenging, with irregular surfaces: footpaths, marshes, vineyard paths, white roads, undergrowth and fields. To make it easier for runners to find their way around and stay safe, the course will be moving further away from urban areas and reducing the number of changes of direction, particularly in its novel final phase with a return through the Allinges woods.