Sat 13 may 2023

A mix of roads, paths and trails.

Coming from the United States, the discipline of gravel riding is in full expansion in Europe with practitioners seeking more of an escape and communion with nature while sticking to physically accessible routes.

The Thonon Cycling Race is a round of the Label d’Or Trophy of the French Cycling Federation.

NB : Mountain bikes are allowed. E-bikes are also accepted, in hiking mode, without ranking.


61 km
Elevation gain
+ 900 m
Full course
Overall (scratch) Men / Women
1st MTB Men / Women
+ parasport (depending on participants)
Quai de Ripaille Thonon-les-Bains at 09:00 am
Quai de Ripaille Thonon-les-Bains
Pit stop
  • 32 km
GPS file
Gravel, CX, VTT, tandem, e-bikes.
Hard shell helmet with attached chinstrap, first aid kit, liquid refill.
unicycles, CLM, fixed sprocket, stick wheels, lenticular wheels.
GPX trace, gloves, cell phone.

WAHOO title partner of the GRAVEL event

  • The specialist of computers and home trainers will offer to the participants to discover its products on its stand in the exhibitors’ village and to win a Wahoo Kickr Snap (499€) and a Wahoo Rival watch (329€) in the tombola of the event.
  • A specific “GRAVEL” jersey branded WAHOO will be offered to each participant.
  • The Gravel courses will be marked with WAHOO’s colors.
  • Wahoo will reward the first 3 men and women: GPS Roam (329€) for the first one, annual subscription System (129€) for the second one & Cardio Tickr belt (49€) for the third one.
  • A specific segment materialized WAHOO will be the object of an individual timing. The best male and female times will be rewarded by GPS Wahoo Elemnt Roam
  • Competitions will be organized on the social networks of WAHOO France to win race numbers for the Gravel events.

The course

The course proposed in 2022 will become slightly flatter to best meet the specificities of the discipline. If it will be necessary to climb to reach the city woods, unavoidable of the Chablais, the participants will then be able to appreciate the varietý of coverings up to Fessy: marshes, vineyard paths, white paths, undergrowth or even fields. An itinerary taken in a part in the opposite direction the previous edition. The participants will then take the direction of the Bas Chablais by the Margencel Woods and then the final on the heights of Thonon